1. RadTech - BAS RT(R)(ARRT) says

    There are different paths to radiologic technology. You can attend a two-year program based in a hospital, earning a certificate. Or you can go through a two-year program at a community college or technical school, earning an associate degree. You can also go through a four-year program at a university or college, graduating with a bachelor’s degree. As long as the school you attend is accredited by the JRCERT, it doesn’t matter which way you choose and you will be eligible to take the national registry exam.
    Besides regular x-rays, we also do barium studies (upper GI, barium enema), hysterosalpingograms, intravenous pyelograms, voiding cystourethrograms, arthrograms, myelograms, portable x-rays in ER/ICU/floor, operating room cases using a C-arm, sometimes even x-rays in the morgue, etc etc etc…
    You can find accredited schools here: (choose Radiography and your state and search)

  2. Gary says

    You may want to check with your local community college. They may have a two year program leading to an AAS degree. Also, they may have an application process in which you have to apply now to be consider for the Fall Term of 2008. XRay techs provide vital information concerning structure and function, both normal and abnormal, of the human body, enabling physicians to make accurate diagnoses to provide appropriate care and treatment. Radiologic technologists play a key role in the total spectrum of medical imaging of health care services. Upon completion of the degree program, you can take the national examination for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). If you are able to become an XRay Tech, you will never be unemployed because the Health Care industry will be exploding. The Baby Boomers (people who were born from 1946 to 1964) are getting older. There are over 77 million Baby Boomers. Good Luck.

  3. yahoooo! says

    Even though you have a PHd if it is the wrong course, you will not land a job as an X-ray tech. You have to study to become an x-ray technologist. Some hospitals have preferred school where they hire for that job.

  4. Sarah C says

    Two to four years. Many community colleges offer it. X-ray techs take x-rays for doctors, develop the photos etc. great job. After getting your degree in x-ray tech you can take a short certification course to become a diagnostic medical sonographer.