Dentist’s, Assistant’s and Hygienist’s: Radiology License question?

I plan on moving to either: Maryland, Pennsylvania, or Delaware in the near future, due to my future husbands business.
I have a current dental radiology license in the state of New Jersey.
I am a certified dental assistant in the state of New Jersey, as well.
I took the test atleast…5 yrs. ago for my dental radiology license. My certification was about 2 yrs. ago.
My question is …… if I move to a different state and would like to continue my dental career…..will I have to retake the exams I have already taken? Or can I just switch them over like a drivers license?


  1. Heather N says

    If you took the DANB, it is recognized in all states. Each state, however has its own regulations for registration. In Iowa, where I am, you have to be registered, even if you’re certified through DANB. Radiology is per state. You can check with whichever state you move to, to see if they will recognize your license. Some neighboring states have a written agreement to recognize licensing and registration from other states. However, again, check with the state dental board, just to be sure.