Online Schooling programs – what do you know about them? Which school is the best?

I’m currently a sophomore in a traditional university at Florida Gulf Coast University. I’m a psychology major. Up until a few weeks ago, I was sure this is what I wanted to do. Now I don’t. I really want to work full-time and become some kind of technician online, I’ve been looking at Ultrasound technicians […]

what type of things should i learn or study if i want to become a vet but at i am at a young age?

i have always been interested in animals. i couldn’t take seeing animals in pain. i want to go into the vet. area and learn to study medicine for animals. though i know i must learn more things before i can get my DVM (degree of veterinary medicine). it takes about 6 years. though i started […]

What colleges are good for a swimmer?

(This is her daughter again) I’m 11, but swimming is my big sport and I would really like to swim at college, if possible. Do you know any good colleges to swim at? Also, I like the idea of being an animal radiologist/vet so if they have good swimming programs as well as good education […]

Where do I get short term laboratory technician training?

I had experience in the field of veterinay laboratory technic, however, I tried to get schools for short term trainings, the schools are for Nurses , Pharmacy technicians, Radiology,..etc. Is there no need for lab assistants, like histolgy, microbiology or more of other lab fields, medical or veterinary?. Help me to get on track, my […]

to all the veterinarians….does this look like a start?

Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Science – Pre-Veterinary Concentration The pre-veterinary concentration allows the student to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Science, meeting the requirements for most Veterinary Schools as well as the requirements for the two-year, AVMA-accredited program in Veterinary Technology. Students are advised that the requirements of each Veterinary School are different, […]