Whats going on with my mom?

Ok, my mom has had a history of overexaggerating things. She has said that she has had cancer twice that I could remember. Her first occurence of cancer happened after a small car accident. She was in the front passenger seat and we were lightly rear-ended. Shortly after that, she was having problems moving her […]

What Are The Accredited Schools For Ultrasound Technicians In Southern California?

When thinking about entering an ultrasound program, you need not be concerned so much about certificate vs. degree. What is important is that you go to an ACCREDITED program, whether it is college or hospital based. An accredited program allows you to take your registry (licensing) exams upon graduation. Once you get licensed, you will […]

I would like to be an Ultrasound technician. Are there schools in Michigan or Ohio for that?

I would like to go to a nice college and become an Ultrasound Tech. It’s something I’ve thought about doing for a long time. And I am now beginning my Junior year of High School, and there is little time left before I must choose a college to attend. What type of schooling does this […]

Pro life? Consider this will you?

A child is born in a hospital with no arms or legs as well as deaf and blind. The child has numerous internal problems and to save the child’s life now that she is born, she will be on life support machines for the twenty of her life. She will likely spend most of it […]

What schools in the PA-NJ-DE area have good programs that train for ultrasound technician careers?

Just thought I’d ask this for one of my younger cousins, in case she doesn’t know about Yahoo’s Q & A. Now that I think of it, the schools don’t have to be only based in PA-NJ-DE. If there’s a good national school with this program, let me know and I’ll look into their locations. […]