Trying to remember title of this book about young mother dying from cancer…?

I’m guessing it’s a young adult fiction as I read it in my high school library. It is not recently published, I believe it was from the 70′s or 80′s. It is written in journal form, about a woman’s life before and after she finds she is dying from cancer. The woman is pregnant in […]

What’s the difference between Radiography and Radiation Therapy?

I am a 1st year college student, and am taking pre-requisites for the radiologic technologist program at my school, Pasadena City College. I’m also wondering if this is an accredited program? I am interested in the Nuclear Med field but heard that we must first become an RT first. I am clueless and any help […]

I want to help people…?

I’m 17 and have had a pretty eventful life. Although I am still suffering from PTSD from these events I would love it help people. I love Y!A because I love giving others advice. When I leave school I’m thinking about Medical Radiation Therapy, Teaching or Social Work. Although this is my last year of […]

I want to go to college ..again?

I’m toying with the idea of going to a 2 year technical school to get a degree for Radiation Therapy. Ive already completed a bachelors in Business Mgt. I am now 35 years old and want a career change. My GPA in my major in college was a 3.0. Are there Grants or loans for […]

public schools a joke??

why in america do we care more about the retards in the schools rather than the people who can actually make something of themselves, for an example no child left behind act… jsut stupid, why do we spend so much time and money on mentally challenged people, they will always be that way, they cannot […]

(Question for residents of Alaska!) I was recently on vacation in Alaska?

Last Christmas my grandmother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, god bless her heart, so while she was undergoing chemo and radiation therapy she wasn’t looking forward to vacationing in The Dominican Republic for spring break like we had originally planned so my parents had made other arrangements to take a cruise through Alaska it was […]

What should I major in? (Pre-Med).?

I already know that I want to be a doctor and I’m going to work hard to get into medical school. But, right now I’m a high school senior going to St. Louis University for something/Pre-Med. I have some ideas, but need help: Stars indicate that I’ve been considering them the most… Biology Biomedical Engineering […]

Will completing the Kaiser Permanente Radiation Therapy program help me get into med school?

I have an associates in allied health, and will be starting the radiation therapy program through kaiser permanente. It is 18 months and includes a fair amount of clinical experience. Because it is a hospital based program you do not receive a bachelors degree. You receive a certificate of achievment. Will this affect me from […]