How do these jobs use deductive reasoning?

How exactly do these specialists use deductive reasoning? I’m in allied health and today we were talking about deductive reasoning and I was very confused on how it works for these occupations. (Beside each job i typed what it is) Surgeons – Treat diseases, injuries, and deformities by invasive methods, such as manual manipulation or […]

i am a 20% disabled vet.working on the same job 8 yrs. additionally i have 2 herniaed disc. the last mri.state?

The last mri says the problem has worsened. i went to school to improve job skills.but my job wants me to remind in maintence department.Can i say.that manual labor added to my health problem over a 8 yrs.period? the company knew i was a disabled vet from the beginning.

MRI or Medical assistant job in New Jersey?

I am considering going to school for either MRI technician or Medical Assistant job in New Jersey. any thoughts on the idea if you are currently one or the other, or suggestions on where i could go to school. I have noticed that a lot of the medical assistand schools are just certificates ( i […]

Are there Americans that would rather find common ground and unite than fight over political demagogue?

I’m happen to be a liberal and think Johnson supported and signed the best legislation that pertains to me. However, my conservative friend is a republican. He recently lost his job and needs an MRI on his knee but doesn’t have insurance because he cannot afford it. I explained the current legislation plan for a […]

Should I quit my job to clean toilets?

MRI research seemed so appealing. Now I’m in it. I can do research in any MRI subject I want. But instead I’m dying, lost and alone. The department needs somone else… Not someone like me who just came from uni. They need a Post-Doc or Prof to give some type of direction. I can’t do […]

What are some jobs in the health care field that have shortages of people besides nursing?

I was reading an article and I read this comment. forget a 4 year college This goes to show how a 4 year degree is becoming obsolete and a burden. A recent article on msn stated that almost 60 percent of America’s workforce, those with college degrees, are working in positions in which they are […]

MRI Tech or Radiology Tech?

My school offers separate programs for Radiology Tech and MRI Tech. Which one would be better to do? Can you get hired as MRI even though you are not a Radiology Tech? I’ve been reading that people were going to school for radiology tech, then getting MRI training on the job. I don’t know if […]