Was This Cat Scan Overkill?

I started having an inner ear infection a week ago after I had a cold and I had a bad case of vertigo/dizzy nausea. Then I had a few more attacks for a couple of days and on the weekend I had a pretty bad one at night time and went to the ER. I […]

Can A Chiropractor (d.c) Legally Perform Ct (cat Scan) Imaging As The Technologist In The State Of Illinois?

I would like to know if a DC can perform x-rays, ct scans, and mri legally in the state of illinois. Would they be able to perform these scans on their own patients? Would they be able to automatically perform these with on the job training or would they have to and be able to […]


I’m 27, and I get these headaches where I lose partial vision and can’t make sense of anything. People talk to me and I can’t answer them in full sentences. Or I forget how to say the word I’m thinking of. My hands go numb and I’m very confused and disoriented. I’ve noticed that it […]

doctor says i have epilepsy.?

okay dr did a brain scan and stated there was activity in the front left part of the head. gave me epilepsy med and told me to start taking. have not taken the med. had a seizure they said but i had not eaten the whole day – no one has taken blood to see […]

Foot Injury.?

My mom broke her foot two weeks ago tomorrow. She got a cat scan done last Friday and it said that her heel is supposedly crushed. They say she can’t walk on it for another 2 months (she’ll be on crutches) and then after the 2 months i guess she can only put wait on […]

Radiology Tech or Chiropractor?

I’m currently employed by a hospital, which has a radiology tech program. It’s two straight years, no B.S. (Like having to take philosophy classes as a prerequisite). I’m strongly considering this program as after I do the two years there, I’ll be a licensed x- ray tech. To become an MRI tech (what I want […]

Won’t doctors be out of work in the next 20 years because of technology?

For example: Let’s take an oncologist for example (someone who studies cancer). What stops an engineer from making a scanner that allows someone to simply scan the area of a person’s skin where the “affected area” is. And the scanner will search through the database checking to see if the rash is benign or malignant. […]

Under Anxiety Attack.?

Aniexty is taking over my life, basically. And I’m only 18. I shouldn’t be going through half the things I go through, or think about half the things I think about. It all started when I started a full course work o f college classes last month. On top of that i’m going through fire […]

What can be wrong? I have been told I have anxiety PTSD.. but I think I may be crazy please help! I’m scared?

Okay, so I don’t know what is wrong… It’s a long story.. I will try to be brief… Okay so about seven months ago I had too many diet pills, and began expieriencing scary thoughts and feelings. I thought I was dead and as if was staring at myself kind of like Brittany Spear’s Everytime […]

Tampax and seizures?

I do get migraine, however, i work a high pressured sales job and I’m highly competitive. I had a seizure two weeks ago. The CAT scan and blood tests have come back normal and I have taken an MRI and an EEG in which I’m following up on the 3rd of Oct.

Which of these 2 degrees should i choose?

I’m finishing up my general studies in college right now, and getting ready to go to an accredited college nearby. I’m trying to choose between 2 different degrees. They are Radiological Technology(RT), and Dental Assisting.(DA) The RT degree is a 2 year program (normal amount of time for most degree’s) However, the classes are 9 […]

Good advice needed. Should I keep this cat?

Good advice needed! Should I keep this cat (please read all details)? Well basically I was a huge animal lover all growing up and still am. I have some mental issues and a history of violent behavior when not on meds. I was also very immature and have a history of irrational behavior. After being […]