Breeding Staffordshire Bull Terriers good or bad?

I have a Staffy on a breeding agreement and the time has come when the Stud dog must do his job. He is a fantastic stud and just invited to the Eukanuba show! I have never bred my own litter although familiar with whelping and c-section and all the potential hazards of breeding. I did radiographs on hips & elbows, a CERF exam next week. Staffies are new to me and I understand new to AKC, but is it fair to breed a dog that most people frown upon due to the “PIT” nature? She is an awesome tempered dog and I show her. Just a nervous first time breeder, with a breed that is new to me. Any comment or suggestions?


  1. walkinglady says

    It sounds to me like you’ve been doing everything right! The most important thing you said is that your dog is an “awesome tempered dog”. Since bad temperaments are a huge problem in this breed, responsible breeders, those who breed only dogs with good temperaments are doing the breed a service. If everyone bred only those with good temperaments, the bad ones would be wiped out in a short amount of time. You’re also showing her and have done or are doing all the physical exams. You’re one of the few people I’ve encountered on this site who should breed!

  2. Bonsylar says

    Not only are they frowned upon for being “Pitts”. They are the most overbred dogs right now. Shelters are full to bursting with them. Purebreed or not, we just don’t need anymore of any breed of dog, much less Pitts.
    If you don’t believe me, call a Pitt rescue in your area, a vet will have the number. Ask how many homeless purebreeds they have right now. Many, I can guarantee.
    Please reconsider. Some well bred puppies don’t keep their homes forever. Pure breed adults wind up in shelters everyday. And taking them back isn’t the issue, if you get them back you are facing the same problems as the shelter. Too many dogs, not enough homes.

  3. ray ray says

    I would definately take it to the vet. I breeded a bull terrier and didn’t take it to the vet but once. And when it came time for her to deliver she died because the puppies head was to big 1 of the puppies lived because i was able to assist her.The “bitch” would have lived if i took her to the vet and she had a c section

  4. dww32720 says

    If you’re doing it for money it’s bad.

    If you’re doing it because you love the breed it’s good.

    What are your intentions with these animals?

  5. Matt O says

    Staffy’s are pretty rare in the US, so Its not as terrible as breeding an APBT or Amstaff (which are terribly over populated and damn near impossible to find good homes for) but if you sympathize with the plight of “pitbull” type dogs in this country don’t breed her. There are literally millions “pitbulls” being euthanized in shelters across this country due to lack people willing to take them into their homes (good homes). By creating more “pitbull” type puppies (I know they are staffies) and finding good homes for them you are jjust eliminating one more home for the dogs dying in ou shleter system. Food for thought