Im thinking on studying “Radiologic Technology”, can anyone give me some more info?

I would like to know, preferably from people in the field, the following things: -are the classes hard? -how hard is it to get the certification from the American Society of Radiologic Technologists? -how much an hour? how are the prospects for advancement within the field? -how do you go on to get “trained/certified” to […]

Was This Cat Scan Overkill?

I started having an inner ear infection a week ago after I had a cold and I had a bad case of vertigo/dizzy nausea. Then I had a few more attacks for a couple of days and on the weekend I had a pretty bad one at night time and went to the ER. I […]

Mri School In Ca?

Does anyone know if employers require you to be a Radiology Technician in order to work as a MRI Technician. I have forund 4 schools in California that specialize specifically in MRI but I have been told by people that I must work as a Radiology Tech first. I’m not sure but if that is […]

What radioisotope makes watch hands glow in the dark?

So I did this practical about the penetrating power of radiation, and there’s a question which asks: “Some watches use emitting radioisotopes to make the hands glow in the dark. Comment on the safety implications of this method.” So there’s this gap between ‘use’ and ‘emitting’ and it think its supposed to say alpha, beta […]

Can a licensed Nuclear med tech substitue as a medical assistant ?

I am certified in Nuclear Medicine technology, but there are few jobs open in Tampa, Florida. I did bp, ekg’s, phlebotomy etc. as a Nuc. med. tech. Could I use this experience as a Medical Assistant ? I also explained procedures to patients. Took patient info and insurance paper work. In an out patient imaging […]

Education and salary for radiology?

I just realized radiology is a career I can get into but I know nothing about it. How many years of education do I need and what is the salary (more specifically in San Francisco, California but any number will do). Basically I’m looking to get into the field of health/medicine such as dentistry, nursing, […]